Are You Ready to STOP -
Stopping Yourself From 
Becoming an Entrepreneur?

Hi! I'm Lisa Bianco.
I am a Life Coach for heart-centered entrepreneurs.

I help you become strong enough to overcome any obstacle,
including yourself, to get you started on your entrepreneurial Journey.

It's not hard! I make it easy for you by teaching you how to make
YOUR business work the way YOU work. 


Let’s Create a Joyful Business!

As a heart-centered entrepreneur, you have a passion for helping people.
You want to fill your days with meaning and purpose.
Having freedom, flexibility, and earning your own income are the bonuses.

You might not know where and how to start. 
It all looks pretty overwhelming.
You started your business, and now you’re feeling stuck and don’t know why.
You keep going down rabbit holes that lead to nowhere.
You feel like you are spinning on a hamster wheel!

If you keep telling yourself, “I know what to do, but I’m doing it!”
and you’re stuck on the reasons why.

This is where a Life Coach can help you.

The things that you know to do are the outside stuff;
you know them from all the training you have taken.
You’re not doing them because you don’t realize it’s the inside stuff, the mind!
So you go down rabbit holes with different productivity hacks, and then you beat yourself up when yet again, those actions don’t work.

As a Life Coach, I help you see what you are too close to see for yourself. I help you become aware of the thoughts and the reasons keeping your stuck.

I help you see that nothing has gone wrong. There is nothing wrong with you. 
The only thing missing is not knowing a whole new skillset….
the skill of being an entrepreneur. It’s not your fault! They don’t teach you this in school!

You have the passion, but you struggle to take action because you…

* Are scared to put yourself out there.
* Get easily overwhelmed by being highly sensitive, introverted, or an empath.
* Don’t think you are ready yet. You want more training and certifications first.
* Think no one will hire you, and you would feel like a failure. 
* Don’t want to be salesly.

I get It! That was me! I was all the above and MORE!
With coaching, I broke through these barriers to create a business that brings me joy, and you can too!

I will help you…

* Connect with yourself that has the fear and doubt and turn it into confidence and certainty.
* Trust yourself to create your own rules in your business and stop using someone else’s idea of a successful business.
* Eliminate wasting time worrying about what can go wrong and focus your thoughts more on what is possible for you to create.
* Learn how to serve your potential clients instead of selling to them.

All with your goal to have a business that feels Joyful to YOU!

If you are interested in learning more about how I can help you create the business you always wanted, schedule a Complimentary Consultation with me today!


Results you will Receive!

After coaching together you will be able to….

* Overcome the obstactles of fear, self-doubt and perfection that keep you stuck in confusion and standing in your way.
* Always know the simple steps to take to eliminate overwhelm.
* Have FUN creating a business that reflects your values, energy, and personality.
* Show up as yourself without the fear of judgment from others.
* Stop hustling your way to success.
* Easily identify the strengths and gifts you have to offer.
* Create your unique vision with clarity.
* Overcome the fear of failure.
* Believe and accept yourself as you are. 
* Trust yourself more, knowing all the answers are inside of you.
* Always know that you are always worthy enough and valued.
* Become more aware of how your thoughts create your results.
* Overcome the fear of marketing yourself.
* Inspire and help others to change their lives with your gifts.
* Have a business that gives you freedom, and control of your time and money you make.
* Having a Joyful Business that brings purpose and meaning to your life.

Your gifts are needed now more than ever!
There is someone out there that needs what you have to offer today! Your business is a gift to others and the world. You are doing the world a disservice by staying hidden. It will never be the perfect time to start. Think about where you will be in a few short months if you start now! Take the first step today by scheduling a Complimentary Consultation.


Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

“Working with Lisa is the best investment I have made in becoming a motivational speaker. The made-for-me structure gave me the immediate feedback I needed, which then allowed me to feel more confident as I moved forward. Lisa’s expertise allowed me to break-through some mental blocks and create my keynote speech that is authentic to me and well received by my audience”

Derlene Hirtz, NLP Master Coach Trainer & Speaker

YES Enterprises

“Lisa has an intuitive gift which she shares with others, helping them to understand and act on the road blocks they set up in their lives. She helps people understand how to identify what finds most important to them. She also helps people learn how to achiee those important goals which leads to a happier fulfilled life journey”


Lisa was professional, compassionate and extremely helpful! She helped me focus on my core values and concentrate on setting one goal at a time. Together we worked through the overwhelm and created managable steps I could realistically achieve. Lisa was amazing! She truly cares about helping others find the power within themselves! This was a fabulous experience and I’d highly recommend!


“I really enjoyed my life coaching sessions with Lisa. She did a great job in coaching me to let go of my perfectionist tendencies so that I could take steps towards expanding my business. As she worked with me to develop an action plan, Lisa challenged me with guided questions to help me determine my own answers, answers that would resonate with me because they come from within. My sessions with Lisa were so helpful because she provided the motivation and accountability I needed to focus, stay on track and move forward”


“Lisa is an exceptional coach. She doesn’t offer her opinion or advice. She listens to what is said and then asks questions to help me think. Lisa helped me to make decisions and move forward in areas of my life. She also helped me to set goals and hold me accountable. Lisa’s personality is perfect for a Life Coach. She is patient and very encouraging. Hiring Lisa as my Life Coach was one of my best decisions I have made”


“I connected with Lisa at a time in my life when I was frustrated and weary with striving day in and day out for a paycheck. I am 100% commission sales person so paychecks can be infrequent. I was lacking motivation to get out and sell myself for the sole purpose of a paycheck. Lisa helped me discover my passion, my definition of success, and my why. She has guided me along a path of discovery and excitement for my future. She is kind, caring, understanding and knowledgable in her coaching. She will help you change your life and flourish!!”


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