Professional Organizing

Professional Organizing

As a professional organizer, I never judge you on the condition of your space. You are not your stuff! Life happens, and items seem to accumulate out of nowhere. There is a problem only when it becomes a problem for you. If you are feeling overwhelmed with your space, or can’t find what you want when you want it. I can help you!

Emotional Items

I specialize in helping you with your emotional clutter. It’s not about the item, it’s the memory attached to it that it makes it hard to let it go. We work together to create solutions to keep what you truly love and peacefully let the rest go.

Finding A Home

Having an organized space means everything you own has a home. When items are in their home, you have clarity, when they are not, you have clutter. Together we create systems that fit your lifestyle and your personality for you to have a stress and clutter free environment.

Getting Started is as EASY as 1-2-3:

  1. Call or text 636-485-3964, E-mail or fill out the Contact page to schedule your Complimentary Consultation.
  2. At your Consultation, we will discuss your goals, and you will get an estimate on time of completion and cost of the project.
  3. There is never an obligation or pressure. We will decide on a start date when you are ready to begin.

Calm your overwhelm! Contact us today!

Organizing Your Business

Not being organized in your business will cost you both time and money. Both things that you don’t want to waste. You waste a lot of time looking for important papers. You waste money on buying things you already have and can’t find. It doesn’t have to be this way! We work together to create a system in your office that works for you. Having a clear space creates a clear mind!

A clear mind helps you focus on the tasks on hand. Having a focus and creating boundaries are the best ways to manage your precious time. 

Organizing Your Home

Having a cluttered home creates a lot of overwhelm and unwanted stress in your life. Let us help you clear your space and create a peaceful environment that you can relax in after a long day.

Services offered:

  • Entire home decluttering and organizing.


Working as a team with On the Move, STL to help you take the work and worry out of moving. We are a move managers specializing in working with busy professionals and seniors. We want to make your move be easy, less stressful and save you time. We get you moved in so you can move on with your life!

Services Offered:

  • Unpack & Go Package – Unpack all your boxes, organize your belongings in their rightful place, remove all packing material.
  • On the Move Package – Sort & declutter your items before you move, clean out and donate the items you don’t need, arrange the moving/packing, space planning, unpack and set-up your new home.

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