Professional Organizing

Lisa Bianco

Professional Organizing Services

An essential piece of becoming more productive is being organized.

When your space is clear, your mind is clear to begin creating a life that is purposeful to you.

Services Offered:

  • Moving – Downsizing/Unpacking Services
  • Decluttering & Organizing – Closets, Pantries, Kitchens.

Getting Started is as EASY!

  1. It all starts with scheduling a Complimentary Consultation by calling or texting 636-485-3964, or by E-mail 
  2. At your Complimentary Consultation, we will discuss your goals, and you will get an estimate on the time of completion and cost of the project. Rate is $45 per hour.
  3. There is never an obligation or pressure. We will decide on a start date when you are ready to begin.

Calm, your overwhelm! Contact us today!

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