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Welcome! I’m glad you are here! I’m Lisa, and I am a Certified Life Coach specializing in working with heart-centered business owners to confidently create a business you LOVE.

I started my entrepreneurial journey in 2013 as a Professional Organizer.

I did all the things a new business owner does.

I checked all the boxes on the checklist. Website. Logo. Legal Stuff. IRS Stuff. Social Media Presence.


I love having a great checklist!

Then when it came to market my business.

The voices appeared out of nowhere!

“You can’t do this!” “What if you fail!” “No one is ever going to hire you!”

They were relentless!

I couldn’t understand it, because I wanted to do this business with all my heart. Why was this happening?

My brain was freaking out.

What did I do? I made excuses on why I couldn’t show up in my business. They were good ones too!

I hid from the world.

Note: When you want to have a business hiding doesn’t get you very far.

I knew I needed to overcome this. But how??

I hired a Life Coach!

My Life Coach made me understand what was happening was normal and nothing has gone wrong.

Stepping out of your comfort zone makes you do crazy things.

Your brain likes to make sure your a safe by keeping you comfortable in your zone.

My Life Coach was able to offer guidance on how to overcome my self-doubt.

It worked!! That is why I’m passionate about helping other entrepreneurs overcome their negative thoughts to create a business and life of their dreams!

If you doubting yourself in your business. Nothing has gone wrong. It is all part of the process of living out of your comfort zone.

Another obstacle holding me back was my perfectionism.

I thought I needed to know EVERYTHING before I can market myself. I mean everything.

I became an information junkie. I attended the webinars, signed up for all the freebies.

I thought what if I didn’t know an answer of how to do something.

I would feel like a failure! Big time!

This is also caused me to hide and not put myself out there.

Because of the thought of not knowing how to do it all.

I felt frozen in my fear of possibly failing.

Even though I was doing a lot of work in my business

and a whole lot of education and trainings to learn it ALL!

I thought I would never be able to have a business doing what I love.

I wanted to give up. It was all too much.

My passion wouldn’t let me.

I didn’t want to settle at a J-O-B. I wanted to do what I loved.

If not now, then when?

That’s when I decided I am going to figure this out and overcome my feeling of having to be perfect.

It wasn’t easy, because the only way out is through.

I had to fail. Fail again and again and again.

With the help of my Life Coach I was able to fail without giving up.

My Life Coach held the belief I can have a business until I can hold the belief myself.

When I finally believed in myself. I had a business I LOVED!

As your Life Coach, I will hold all your BELIEFS until you are able to BELIEVE your dreams yourself,

With the help of a coach, I was able to build the belief within myself to create a business I love.

I learned how to use my empathetic and sensitive nature to my advantage.

As an introvert, I trusted my inner guidance to market the way I felt comfortable.

I loved building relationships and being a valuable resource in helping others succeed.

I learned I didn’t have to hustle to success. I didn’t have to be pushy or salesly either.

I can take it slow and have balance in my life.

It worked! The more I did things my way, the more success I had.

It all felt comfortable and manageable.

There was no more overwhelm or complicated plans.

It all was simple and easy.

If I can be a business owner, ANYBODY can! Yes, including YOU!

Not everyone will support your entrepreneurial aspirations. It’s not that they don’t love you. It can be they never had the confidence to have their own business. They listened to their negative thoughts swirling in their head. They are not even aware they are doing it. They only want the best for you. The thing is if you succeed that means they have no excuses to go after their dreams. Us humans like to make excuses when it comes to doing hard things!

When you do hard things it is important to have someone by your side, believing in you every step of the way when no one else will.

You can overcome these obstacles.

You can create a business you LOVE

Let Me Show You How!

It is my mission to help anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur become one. Not having just any business, but a business they LOVE by BELIEVING they can!

Lisa Bianco

I’m a Certified Life Coach, Certified DISC Practitioner.  Retreat Facilitator International Speaker, & Author.

That’s my business side; on the personal side, I’ve been married for 30+ years. I’m a Mom to two wonderful children, a ‘war vet’ son and a ‘save the environment’ daughter who happens to be 14 years younger. She came into our lives when we needed her the most. I enjoy being outdoors, walking, hiking, reading, yoga, and anything creative. If it all involves a beach, family, and friends, it’s appreciated even more!


  • Certified Life Coach through Life Purpose Institute an ICF & ACTP Accredited School

Assessments 24X7


  • ICF – International Coach Federation
  • ICF St Louis
  • Toastmasters
  • St. Charles Vision Leadership Class of 2017


You can read what my clients have to say here.

“You always had the power, my dear…you just had to learn it for yourself.” Glinda, The Wizard of OZ

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