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Welcome! I’m glad you are here! I’m Lisa, and I am an empath. I’m guessing if you are here, You are too! I’m delighted to meet you, fellow empath. Even though I might not have met you in person, I know we have a lot in common. Being an empath is a special gift. It’s only 20% of the population! Unfortunately, it does have a few downsides. The biggest one is living in the world with the other 80% trying to change who you are!

As a Certified Life Coach specializing in helping empaths be more productive in creating a meaningful life, I realize you are easily overwhelmed by other people’s energy and the hustle of the world. I found that ‘being’ is a lot better than ‘doing!’ I coach you to establish your own Powerful Strategy System to build a strong sense of self-worth, defend your boundaries, and make your self-care a priority without the guilt. My goal is for you to have less overwhelm and more joy, purpose, and fulfillment in your life. I want to motivate you to bring your brilliance out into the world as your true empathic self. The world needs your gifts now more than ever!!


I founded Power is Within Coaching to help you connect with the Power you hold Within yourself to be more productive in creating a meaningful life, so you can ease your overwhelm and find joy in living your life with purpose!

My Story to becoming a Life Coach for Empaths

I started my career in the travel industry. I loved taking care of all the fine details of planning and organizing trips from beginning to end for my clients. That career ended when I made the decision to stay at home to raise my children.

My entrepreneurial endeavors began in 2013 when I re-entered the workforce by following my passion and opened my Professional Organizing business, Picture It Organized, offering residential and photo organizing for my clients. My love for organizing came from witnessing the transformation of my clients’ lives. It amazed me how your life can change by merely organizing your space. I also loved using my creativity to help people organize their photos and help them tell the story of their lives. My business was heart-centered focusing on the person behind the clutter. I didn’t know it at the time that I was using my empathic gift of having strong compassion for others.

I learned about Life Coaching from fellow organizers who were helping their clients achieve more success with the coaching process. Coaching clients through the process fit with my heart-centered model of doing business. With coaching, organizing became more than before and after pictures. I realized organization is more than putting items in a fancy container. It’s about the person beneath all the stuff. After experiencing great success with the coaching process, I quickly decided to add coaching to my business. I took all my knowledge from being a Professional Organizer and Productivity Consultant combined with Life Coach training to help you use your unique strengths to be more productive than ever to create a meaningful life.

Coaching you to embrace your gifts to create your life purpose is my passion!

Being an entrepreneur was the most significant self-discovery journey I have ever taken. I know first hand how being an entrepreneur can be very challenging. Especially if you are an empath, highly sensitive, introverted, and heart-centered person as I happen to be. Those traits are not excuses only obstacles I overcame with the help of a Life Coach.

I realized being a heart-centered business owner is not the norm. I felt I didn’t fit the mold of a typical business owner. Hiring a Life Coach that is also an empath who understands you will save you a lot of stress. I hired my share of coaches who didn’t know my unique needs, and it did not go very well. Having that experience empowered me not to be that Life Coach for you!

With a coach that understood, I learned how to create a business that aligned with my values and gifts. The greatest thing was the skills I learned that help me as a business owner also help me in my everyday life. I learned how to create a business and life that worked best by embracing and using my gifts of being an empath. I am passionate about helping you do the same!

As an empath, Life Coaching is the secret to learn how to see your gifts as your greatest strengths!

With my Life Coach, I was able to discover my purpose and create a vision that aligned with my values, personality, and goals. I also learned that it’s fine to have my life & business not look like anyone else. When you create your life & business from your uniqueness and heart, it will be more successful and joyful. The most important was the mindset shift and set boundaries that helped me move out of my comfort zone. I also accepted the fact that empaths have to do things differently when it comes to being productive in their business. After going through this experience myself, I realized that you do have all the power within myself to succeed. 

I firmly believe Life Coaching is essential for empaths. Listening to other people telling us what to do doesn’t work! Through coaching, you decide a plan that works best for you. A Life Coach helps you create awareness of what you can’t see for yourself. That is why I chose to become a certified Life Coach to share this powerful process with people like you who want to accomplish great things and live a life with meaning and purpose. I want to empower you to go out and make a difference in the world.

Connect with me at to answer any questions you have. I also invite you to experience a complimentary session. It’s easier to experience coaching than it is to explain it!

Experience the value of coaching for yourself!

Lisa Bianco ACC

I’m an Associate Certified Coach, Certified DISC Practitioner.  Retreat Facilitator International Speaker, & Author.

That’s my business side, on the personal side I’ve been married for 30+ years. I’m a Mom to two wonderful children, a ‘war vet’ son and a ‘save the environment’ daughter who happens to be 14 years younger. She came into our lives when we needed her the most. I enjoy being outdoors, walking, reading, yoga and anything creative. If it all involves a beach, family, and friends it’s appreciated even more!

My Chapter from the Living Well Anthology:


International Coach Federation

  • Associate Certified Coach – ACC
  • ICF Global Member
  • ICF St. Louis Leadership Team – Secretary
  • MRAC Executive Team – Secretary
  • Certified Life Coach through Life Purpose Institute an ICF & ACTP Accredited School

Assessments 24X7


  • ICF – International Coach Federation
  • ICF St Louis
  • Toastmasters
  • St. Charles Vision Leadership Class of 2017


You can read what my clients have to say here.

“You always had the power my dear…you just had to learn it for yourself” Glinda, The Wizard of Oz

 You hold all the power to create the life of your dreams!

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