Life Coaching

Lisa Bianco

As your Life Coach, my mission is to help you EASE YOUR ANXIETY & STOP SELF-SABOTAGING your goals and GAIN the CONFIDENCE to go outside of your comfort zone to make an IMPACT in the world.

Living in a world that wasn’t designed for us can be exhausting.

I get it! I live it every day!

You might have to wear a mask to fit in. It is normal wanting to fit into society!

This led to showing up in the world as not your true self. This is what might be causing a lot of your anxiety, fears and doubts.

You want to hide. You don’t want to show up in the world because it doesn’t feel safe.

This creates habits that keep you stuck. Your mind is always working to protect you. This is a good thing!

Another good thing is LIFE COACHING can help you change the pathways in your brain that help with your anxiety, fears, self-doubt, procrastination, and that terrible inner critic by forming new ones to create how you want to be and feel instead.

There is no changing YOU, only the habits and behaviors preventing you from living the life you want.


Being different than most is part of being human.

There is nothing wrong with you.

You are only trying to do your best with the body and brain you were given.

It’s time to stop living according to the categories defined by the majority.

I want to help you find peace within and live with purpose by taking the mask off that society made you put on and accepting yourself as you are to have the life you always wanted.

If you are ready to start creating a life that brings you peace and purpose, take the first step of scheduling a complimentary consultation today.

I will use and show you techniques to equip yourself with tools to have and use when you need to.

“My sessions with Lisa were so helpful because she provided the motivation and accountability I needed to focus ,stay on track and move forward.”


I invite you to schedule a consultation to ease your anxiety today!

“Together, we worked through the overwhelm and created manageable steps I could realistically achieve.”


Working with a Life Coach

You might be wondering what it’s like working with a Life Coach.

As a Life Coach, it doesn’t mean I have life all figured out, and now I will tell you what to do. I don’t have it all figured out; no one does! I am definitely not better than you. No one knows you better than YOU. We all are humans with brains that stand in our way at times that prevent us from achieving what we want in life. Everything that is holding you back holds us back! The difference is we know how to manage our minds with techniques that I will share with you at each session.

A Life Coach helps you see things that are hard to see for yourself. I help you discover the inner wisdom hidden behind your actions. I help you see the positive intention behind your behaviors.

I also create a nervous system-friendly approach and atmosphere. There is never any pressure put on you. Life happens, and you might be unable to complete what you want. This is where you work to discover what is keeping you from moving forward. I don’t get mad. I completely understand how it is to be sensitive and how the nervous system could hijack your good intentions. I get you!

I create a non-judgmental and SAFE space for my clients. If you feel like an outsider and don’t fit in, I accept you as you are. A coaching session is perfect if you have to vent and let it all out. You will feel much better when you do! I listen to you and understand your sensitivities and need for deep conversations. I am not a fan of small talk, either!

I help you gain clarity from all the ideas whirling around your mind. If you are a multi-passionate person, there is so much you want to do and not enough time to do it. I help you prioritize your actions to eliminate the overwhelm for you to take inspired action on each of your goals. I do this in my own life!

I help you to get to know yourself better. Building a relationship is hard if you don’t know yourself. This is more than knowing facts about yourself. I do all the things, DISC behavior assessment, personality test, Human Design, & Value work. The world is much less scary when you know where you fit in.

IT’S FUN!! Where else do you get in life where the focus is 100% on YOU?! You have someone that only has your best interests at heart!

The best thing to do is to schedule a complimentary consultation to see coaching in action. If you found the consultation helpful, it is your decision if you want to move forward to future sessions. There is never any pressure in coaching. It’s always your decision on what steps you want to take.


6 Personal 1 to 1 Coaching Sessions $500

  • 6 One-Hour Sessions – They are held via ZOOM or in person. You choose.
  • Sessions involve coaching around what behaviors/habits/emotions you want to CHANGE to get you the RESULTS YOU WANT.
  • You will learn techniques to make overcoming obstacles easier and your changes sustainable.
  • The more you know yourself, the more clarity you will have. I offer a DISC Behavior Assessment for you to understand your strengths better and how to use them best to reach your goals. You will receive a 30-page in-depth report explaining your style.
  • Human Design, Personality Test, & Value Work to best create and achieve your goals around your unique needs.
  • Worksheets with all the techniques used in the sessions.
  • Supportive coaching in between sessions via e-mail.

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