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Lisa Bianco, ACC – Life Coach

Wouldn’t it be great if you set the goal to:

Be more productive!

Start your own business!

Get organized!

Lose the weight and get healthy!

Save more money!

Then the next day, you started on those goals with no resistance and never gave up until you crushed it!

Think how AWESOME that will be!!

What is the reason this is not your reality? Even though you have the most excellent intentions to make these goals happen when you set them, you give up, and you’re back to your old ways. You end up repeating this reality over and over. What gives??

I will tell you!

  • You didn’t know the process of behavior change. It’s a learned skill!
  • You lacked accountability. There are obstacles to any change!
  • Looking for outer solutions; perfect planner, right container. The answer is the power that is within you!

I used the process of behavior change to create my best life, and I am very excited to help you do the same!! I will gently coach you through the obstacles and be your accountability partner every step of the way.

I thought I could change on my own. I read the books, attended the webinars, took classes on how to make the changes in my life. I was a self-approvement addict! I knew what to do and now how to do it, but I still struggled with taking action. The change did not happen until I hired a Life Coach.

I wanted it to be easy. You probably do too! There is no magic wand. It is, as they say, a “Journey.” The reality is, it takes time to form new habits. Research says an average of 66 days. The problem is we give up way too soon because we don’t have a plan for the obstacles that come up. A Life Coach helps you focus on the rewards at the end of your journey to get you through the bumps in the road that you will always encounter. I show how a little hard work, in the beginning, will lead you to a lifetime of rewards.

“Let me help you take the small steps to the life you want to live!”

I will coach you to crush all your goals and be more productive than ever by;

* Doing more in less time.

* Overcoming procrastination and perfectionism.

* Having more confidence.

* Eliminating your fear of failure.

* Setting boundaries for a more balanced life.

* Following your passion and live your life with purpose.

* Self-motivation – being motivated using your internal power.

Working with a Life Coach, I developed strategies to navigate through the process of change. Awareness of my thoughts and understanding how to create better habits was life-changing. I learned how to set myself up for success in achieving all my goals. The most significant change was developing the confidence to go out in the world and make a difference by sharing my knowledge to empower others.

Life Coaches help you have less overwhelm and more JOY in your life!

My mission as your Life Coach is for you to accomplish all your goals for you to live your best life and empower you to make an impact in the world!

As a Supportive Life Coach I will also help you….

  • Recognize there is nothing wrong with you. You are enough and beautiful the way you are!
  • Create awareness of what you can’t see for yourself. You can’t see your own thoughts!
  • Believe in yourself. Your limited beliefs don’t change quickly.
  • Come up with your own solutions for what is not working for you. I don’t tell you what to do.

Through powerful questioning, various exercises, support, and accountability, we will together create the results you desire.

“My sessions with Lisa were so helpful because she provided the motivation and accountability I needed to focus stay on track and move forward.” Amanda

A Gift to Yourself

Coaching was the greatest gift I gave myself. I encourage you to do the same. The work begins when you develop an abundance mindset and believe in yourself that you are worth this investment.

I am looking forward to working with you!

The Process

I invite you to schedule a session before you decide to commit to coaching. If you found value in the experience, we will then discuss your next steps.

If you decide that you want to work with me, we will discuss what package that will best fit your needs and budget.

There is never any pressure or obligation!

“Together we worked through the overwhelm and created manageable steps I could realistically achieve” Jen

Powerful Behavior Makeover…$297

This package gives you an introduction to how powerful coaching can be to help you reach your goals. Working on the behaviors that are holding you back is the foundation to bring lasting change in your life.

After completing this course you will be living your best life by..

  • Being more productive than ever by getting more things done in less time.
  • Having less overwhelm by creating balance in your life.
  • Feeling joyous from living a more mindful life aligned with your values, passion, and purpose.
  • Being more confident and less fearful.
  • Create success by achieving all your goals!

This is a self-paced course of 5 pre-recorded modules.

Also included is a DISC assessment to create awareness of your strengths and how you can best use them to reach your goals.

Plus, you will receive one 1:1 30 minute Personal Coaching Session at the end to create an action plan to achieve your goals.

Powerful Personal 1 to 1 Coaching Sessions

6 Hour Personal Sessions…$597

12 Hour Personal Sessions.$797

This package includes 6 or 12 Personal 1-hour Coaching Sessions. These sessions will help you form your strategy system to help you find balance while on your journey to achieving your goals.

This package is right for people who need help in creating a more detailed personal plan and would benefit from extra support and accountability.

You will also have access to Powerful Behavior Makeover Modules.

Also included is a DISC assessment to create awareness of your strengths and how you can best use them to reach your goals. You will receive a 30-page in-depth report explaining in detail your style.

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