The 12 Steps to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

Lisa Bianco

The 12 Steps to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

As your business coach, I will support you in each of these steps. 

Embrace your unique Personality and Values. Don’t fight who you are! Don’t change or conform to what others are telling you to do. Being your true self in your business makes you authentic. You will attract your ideal clients just by being you.

Stating Your Why. Why do you want to create this business? You why is your passion. It’s hard not to be attracted to someone who is passionate about what they do. Use your why to develop a mission statement for your business that aligns with your passion and values.

Create a Business Plan. Having a plan in place gives you the direction you need to run a business. Knowing your financial goals motivates you to achieve them.

Define Success. Your definition of success is the only one that matters. Success to you might mean; freedom, a part-time gig, a full-time career, following your passion or wanting to help others. Whatever it is, as long it brings you joy you will be successful.

Create a Vision for your Business. Create a vision of what your business looks and feels like to you. When you know where you are going you will stay on the path that is true to you. You will less likely be distracted by offers from people trying to get you to veer off your path and onto theirs. A fun activity would be to create a vision board and have it sit where you can see it every day.

Develop A Mindset of Success. You have to believe you are the best at what you do. When you believe you are the expert in your field your clients will too! You can do this by stating positive affirmations every day.

Overcoming Blocks. Fear, procrastination, perfectionism, and lack of confidence are all blocks that stand in your own way. Waiting for the perfect time and not doing things you need to do are fear based. Fear is an emotion you can control. Tackling your fears step by step helps you gain confidence. Confidence is reinforced by celebrating each success along the way which creates momentum for you to keep doing the next best thing.

Get Focused. When you have to focus your eyes on the goal, and nothing stands in the way of you reaching that goal. This will make you more productive which will, in the end, save you both time, and money.

Create your own Marketing Plan. Creating a marketing plan that aligns with your personality and vision makes it authentic. When you are being real, you will attract your best clients. All successful marketing involves being consistent. When you create it you are more likely to do it. Also, getting out there meeting and talking to people in your daily routine is marketing.

Establish a Work and Life Balance. Making the best use of your time is the easiest way to achieve balance. You might have to experiment with different methods to find the time management system that works best for you. Setting boundaries and having a plan that fits your lifestyle will give you the best chances for success.

Create Structure and Systems. Creating a blueprint for your business is not always fun to do but it’s necessary to have. Once you have your systems in place your business operates a lot smoother. When creating your systems allow plenty of time for breaks and being social. Having structure doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.

Setting Goals and Accountability. It’s your business, you create goals that resonate with you and your vision for your business. Once you have the goals you will then develop action steps to reach these goals. Accountability is key, especially as an entrepreneur. Find an accountability partner, colleague, friend or coach to help you in achieving these goals.

You don’t have to walk your entrepreneurial path alone! Schedule a complimentary consultation today!

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