Lisa Bianco

Are you looking for a break-out speaker for your next event?

My goal is to give an excellent presentation where the audience walks away with information that empowers them to take action. All sessions are made highly interactive and engaging with authentic stories. The audience won’t feel talked to; they will feel a part of it! Contact me to discuss more how we can select the best topic for your event.

Lisa Luken & Lisa Bianco received a perfect score from the 2019 Association of Personal Photo Organizers national conference evaluations for their business foundations two-day intensive workshop, “Clarity, Confidence & Intention for a Successful Photo Organizing Business.”  We are thrilled to welcome them back to lead another business foundation intensive for our 2020 national conference.

Cathi Nelson – APPO CEO & Founder


How to Create a Speach that will WOW your Audience

Public Speaking is the number one fear people have. It also happens to be an important tool that you can use to grow your business, make a difference in the world, and share the wonderful work you do.

You will learn:

  • To develop the one skill that creates an engaging presentation that will guarantee your success & boost your confidence!
  • How to create great content and develop an outline for your next speech.

PSST…You’re Doing it Wrong; The Top Organizing Mistake Everyone Makes.

If you are having trouble getting and staying organizing, it’s probably because you are making these common mistakes. I will share with you what they are are and provide an easy solution for each one.

You will learn:

  • How to identify your personal organizing style for you to easily get and stay organized.
  • Best methods to handle your emotional clutter! PSA-Your kids don’t want your stuff!
  • Learn the process to create a clutter-free space.

Creating a Solid Business Foundation with Confidence, Clarity & Courage

There is more to creating a business than logos and websites. First, you have to set the foundation for creating your vision on how you want your business to look and feel. This session is highly immersive and interactive with guidance and coaching, along with individual and group activities. This session is great for new entrepreneurs or if you are struggling with your current business.

You will learn:

  • Your values along with your unique skills to gain clarity on who YOU are.
  • How to create work-life balance by understanding your energy.
  • How to identify your target market and jobs that bring you joy.
  • Confidence building exercises to recognize your value as a CEO of your business.
  • Courage to go out and share your business and brilliance with the world!

Lisa and Lisa did an amazing job helping guide thoughtful activities to give us clarity about our WHY’s and more. It was the best class I could have asked for and it exceeded my expectations. Couldn’t have been happier!

APPO Intensive Attendee


I have spoken to several groups in the St. Louis area; including the Middendorf/Kredell & Corporate Libraries, MOPS groups, Retirement Homes, Professional Women & Business Networking Groups. I’m also a member of Toastmasters.

References are available upon request.

The larger events I spoke at:

  • 2016 Working Women’s Survival Show Breakout Session: Calming Your Photo Overwhelm
  • 2017 APPO Conference Breakout Session/Cleveland, OH: Eliminate Your Fear! Learn How to Give Knockout Presentations with Ease
  • 2018 APPO Conference Breakout Session.Raleigh, NC: Joyful You Joyful Business
  • 2018 Toastmasters District Conference Breakout Session: Entrepreneurial Excellence
  • 2018 Professional Organizers of Canada Breakout Session/Kelowna, BC: Joyful You Joyful Business
  • 2018 NAPO St Louis Chapter Meeting
  • 2019 12 Hour Pre-APPO Conference Intensive Session/Albuquerque, NM: Confidence, Clarity, & Intention to Creating a Successful Business.
  • 2020 12 Hour Pre-APPO Conference Intensive Session/ZOOM Presentation; Confidence, Clarity, & Courage to Creating a Successful Business Foundation.
  • 2020 Professional Women’s Alliance Symposium/ZOOM Presentation; PSST…You’re Doing it Wrong, Top Organizing Mistakes Everyone Makes
  • 2020 St Charles County Library Learning Lab & How to Festival/ZOOM Presentation; How to Create a Speech Guide/Top Organizing Mistakes to Avoid.
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