Retreats are a wonderful way to step away from your everyday life and figure out what YOU really want. Gathering together with like-hearted women enables you to see the things others see in you that you don’t see in yourself. My first retreat I attended changed the direction of my life and I want you to have the same experience.

You read the self-help books and you listen to the motivational speakers. You get pumped up and make changes, then everyday life happens and then you forget everything you learned. You have to be honest with yourself. When do you have the time in your day to dig deep into your behaviors and thoughts? It’s hard to do when you have so many other obligations. To make a lasting change it involves stepping away from the everyday. You will learn to look inside for your answers and to live life with more purpose and passion.


After attending retreats you will live and operate your life at a higher level. If you can dream it you can do it! Don’t settle for anything less!

We love to share this experience with you and help you live your best life! We offer retreats at various locations.

We also can facilitate retreats if you already have a group and a place. For more detailed information or if you are interested in future retreats, contact us to set a time to chat. More information can also be found at Joyful You Joyful Business.

IGNITE Your Purpose, Passion & Power Retreat Testimonials

“If you find yourself stuck at a crossroads in your life or your career then this retreat is for you. In a close-knit sharing environment, you will find a way to a clearer vision for yourself. Embrace your journey with the help of Ignite!” Sheila

“This retreat was powerful. It gave me chance to focus on just myself and what I needed to work on. Lisa and Jenny guided gently but really helped to uncover our blocks and get very clear. Awesome!” DeAnne

“The Ignite Retreat was awesome 🙂 What a fulfilling weekend with an amazing group of like-minded women to share challenges and dreams. Lisa & Jenny were unbelievable! The content was rich, the activities were fun and the setting was perfect 🙂 I loved this and would highly recommend everyone make an investment in themselves to Ignite their Passion!!” Jen

“I came into the retreat with a vague idea that I wanted to lead a more purposeful life but I was unclear what that even meant. Through the weekend process, I discovered what was important to me and how to take the steps to fulfill that desire. I highly recommend this retreat! Sheri



JOYful YOU JOYful Business Retreat

Joyful You Joyful Business Retreat

The JYJB retreat was a great opportunity to take a step back and reevaluate where I am in my business and get clarity on the path I want to take.

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