Lisa Bianco

How to Overcome the Fear of Starting a Business

Having FEAR is NORMAL when starting a business. You are doing something you have never done before! Be proud of that! Nothing is going wrong, and there is nothing wrong with you. All that’s happening is your mind does not like stepping out into the unknown. It’s always searching for the familiarity of something you…
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How to STOP the Inner Critic that says “You can never own a business”

That critical inner voice comes from self-doubt, which is rooted in fear. Every time you step out of your comfort zone, the voice will appear to keep you safe. The voices are stories of what you fear, and they are not the truth of who you are. It is all a part of being human.…
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How to Create a Joyful Business by Breaking the Rules!

There are rules, and there are RULES! 😉 There are rules for your business as in taxes, insurance, and legalities. I am not talking about those rules. Following those rules is necessary to keep your business protected and legal. The rules I am concerned with are what I call the ones from ‘the gurus.’ You…
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How to Overcome the Struggles of Being an Introverted, Empath, or Highly Sensitive Business Owner

It’s hard enough to be a business owner, but it can be even more complicated when you identify yourself as an introvert, empath, or highly sensitive person. As identifying as all the above. Lucky me! I became aware of the struggles very quickly. I knew I needed to overcome them if I wanted to make…
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