The 10 Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur

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The 10 Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur

Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

You can go through the checklist of setting up a business and like magic you are a business owner. Anyone can be an entrepreneur. Only 25% of the population have the entrepreneurial spirit personality to actually see it through. This is a good thing. We need the other 75% or our world will fall apart. You are in the minority which makes you a unique and special person!

Most of these personality traits you might not have. You will quickly learn you need to develop them if you want to be a successful business owner. Spending money on self-improvement to acquire these traits is not an expense its an investment in yourself and your business. You can develop these traits by reading books, attending conferences, workshops and by hiring a Coach.

Personality Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur:

Self Discipline

You quit the corporate world so you can become your own boss. The good news is you are your own boss. the bad news is you are your own boss. You are the CEO of your business. You have to develop the mindset of a CEO. When you think of a CEO you think of someone who works hard, has perseverance, and is a leader. You don’t think of it as someone who doesn’t get there work done, doesn’t have a schedule or scrolls through social media all day. Do you believe a business without self-discipline will lead to success? How successful will it be if you as a CEO just did whatever you wanted when you wanted it. Entrepreneurs enjoy the creative process and coming up with ideas. You struggle with the planning and execution of these ideas. It will be beneficial for you to have an accountability partner, or hire a Coach to be one for you.

Manage your Time Effectively

Time is a set thing, we all have 24 hours in our day, you can’t manage it. What you manage is YOU and how you spend it. Take an inventory of how you are spending your time and determine how that is affecting your business productivity. What choices are you making in your day? Are you attending social activities when you have client work to complete? How much time are you spending on your phone? What boundaries do you have in place? Are you saying yes to things you should be saying no to? This is why it’s important to have a schedule in which a lot of entrepreneurs do not like to have. You think having structure will hinder your creativity. Actually, it’s the opposite, having a schedule gives you free time to be your creative self. When you don’t have a schedule unproductive activities creep in before you know you it and then nothing gets done. You have to schedule free time, plus time to work in and on your business. Recognize what your energy levels are and what time of the day you work best. It’s helpful to schedule a power hour to get all your important tasks done during the time you have the most energy. If you keep procrastinating on a task it would be a good investment to hire someone to do it for you. They are a lot of entrepreneurs that will love to do the things you don’t want to do.


Achieving overnight success is a myth. You are not going to open your business one day and then the next day have people lined up for miles. You have to be patient and committed enough to do the work and they will come. This is the time to develop these personality traits, work on your marketing and get out there and network. People are not going to know your business exists if you don’t get out there and tell them.


Confidence is confiding in one’s self.  Who is going to hire me? I have no experience. I am not good enough. Those are the voices you are telling yourself. Confidence comes in the doing. Take small action steps and celebrate your successes along the way, which will create the momentum needed to get over your self-doubt. Think about your “WHY”. Why are you doing this? Is it to change lives? You have to realize the world needs want you are offering and go after it with no fear.

Believe in Yourself

The best lesson to learn is nobody will know you or your business as well as you, they can’t know what you should do. The mistake people make is they go through the checklist before they do the real work. They focus on the strategies instead of the vision. Owning a business isn’t easy. When you don’t believe in yourself you start chasing all the bright shiny lights to try to make it easy. You start listening to others more than yourself, thinking they know better than you. You have to firmly believe you all have the power within yourself to solve even your biggest problems. You also have to believe you are the best at what you do. Success comes from Conceiving ~ Believing ~ Achieving.


Getting focused keeps you on your path. You want your path to be narrow if it is wide you will stray off course. Your brain was not created for multitasking and we think we are fooling the system when we do. Do you think potential clients are going to want to do business with a person who isn’t focused? Something is going to get missed, then mistakes are going to happen. When someone says they are busy, that person isn’t focused and doesn’t have boundaries in place. Everyone is busy. Busy doing what? You can be busy watching TV all day. Instead of saying you are busy, use the word productive. Tell people how productive you have been. List all your accomplishments of the day.


If you are not organized in your business it will cost your time and money Two things you don’t have a lot of. You can’t be misplacing client information or waste time looking for things. You are also able to focus better if you have an organized workspace, you won’t be easily distracted. When you have a workflow and systems in your office you are more productive saving you time and money.


You have to be able to think outside the box. When you are creative it helps you stand out from the crowd. Being unique separates yourself from your competition.

Skills to Solve a Problem

Are you passionate about solving a problem people have? The skills can be either what comes naturally to or the life experiences you had that you solved and now want to help others with what you have learned. Potential clients will hire you if you are to able to ease their pain.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

A lot of these traits might not come naturally to you. You have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone and develop these traits to have a successful business. You have to get comfortable being uncomfortable. When you are uncomfortable it means you are growing. Which is great!

How many traits do you already have?

As an entrepreneur myself, I have been where you are now. I know the areas where you need the most support and I can help you avoid making costly mistakes. You don’t have to be on this entrepreneurial journey alone. If you need assistance with any of these traits or have any questions, contact us to schedule a no-obligation Complimentary Introductory Consultation with Lisa at Power Is Within Coaching.

Check out the free resources (Productivity Guide & New Business Checklist) to help you on our website. 

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The 3 Action Steps To Take To Reach Your Goals!

“My resolution this year is to: Not make any resolutions!” You might have said these words this year or years past. Was there one time you made a resolution and not even a week later you threw in the towel? You quit. It’s too hard. Instead of being disappointed in yourself year after year, you decide not to give yourself hope. Even though I do believe you don’t have to wait until a new year to make a change since it is a new year why not give it another shot. This time do these three actions to finally achieve your goals.

Make a Plan.  If you planned to run a marathon, do you think you can show up that day and run it without any preparation? Of course not! Having a resolution is like preparing for a marathon, not a sprint. Without a plan a place you are not going to get very far. Whatever your goal is, get healthy, save more money, or my favorite, getting organized, start with a plan. Develop a plan that will work for you by creating action steps that are very specific with a deadline to achieve it by. Then schedule the time to get it done.

Make the Plan Realistic. Don’t tell yourself you are going to train every day for 3 hours at 5 am when you know you are not a morning person and you don’t have 3 extra hours in your day. If you don’t make your plan realistic to your energy levels and your time commitment you will fail. After making your plan, be honest when asking yourself “Is this something I can actually achieve?” If not adjust accordingly.

Lower your expectations…at least a little bit. Goals are best achieved with consistency. A year is a long time, you need to develop momentum to keep going. Instead of setting a goal of 10,000 steps a day. Start at 3,000 and then move up from there. Celebrate each small step achieved along the way. Celebrating small continuous successes each time will give you the momentum to keep going. It takes achieving these small goals that will lead you to accomplish your big goals.

You have the power within yourself to achieve anything you want in life. To be the best you, start making a plan with a realistic goal and start celebrating the New You in the New Year!!

I love helping people set and achieve all their goals. If you believe it you can achieve it!

Are you ready to be the best you? Contact us to schedule a no-obligation complimentary introductory consultation with Lisa, Power is Within Coaching.

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The 5 Tips for Creating a Great PowerPoint Presentation

Did you ever wonder why PowerPoint presentations get a bad rap?

They are boring! Not all, but most are. Admit it you’ve seen a few.

Here’s the big problem, most presenters use them as cue cards. Big wide yawn. The audience is attending your presentation to hear and see you present and learn something, not watch you read your presentation. They can read a book at home for that.

You struggle with the question “Should I even do a slide-show presentation?” If you want the audience to “get it”, the answer is yes. You learn from either hearing, seeing and doing, By listening to your presentation, seeing a visual slideshow and writing down the information, they will walk away from your presentation with the information inspired to take action. By not doing a slideshow you are taking a chance of the audience not “getting it.”

Here are 5 tips to make a great presentation that will leave your audience wanting more.


Make it visual. This is where you will get the visual learners attention. You can’t remember every word being said, but you will remember the pictures related to the point you were making.


  • Big bright pictures that fill the slide work best. Make a separate slide for each image if necessary. Chopped up pictures are not very pleasing to the eye.
  • Pictures of real people are better than using clip art.
  • Use pictures that are relevant to the audience you are presenting to. Personal pictures work great. You want to form commonality with the audience.


Try to use very little words as possible. Put the text in the handout, not in the slideshow.


  • Have the text appear as you are talking about it. Better yet let a picture tell the story instead of words.
  • Keywords work better than using whole sentences.
  • Make sure the fonts fit the subject being discussed.
  • Don’t use all CAPS in a script font.
  • Make the text large enough so the back of the room can see. No less than the font size of 30.
  • Don’t use Comic Sans font. It has a bad reputation, no one will take you seriously.


Avoid clutter on your slides. The audiences attention span is around 10 seconds. You don’t want them to be distracted. You want them paying attention to you and what you are saying.


  • Leave the logo and contact information on the handouts.


Be aware of the length of the presentation. You don’t want to be run out of time and then have to fast forward thru the slides.


  • Have the appropriate number of slides for the time allotted.


Make it fun. Put yourself in the audience. What would you want to see and hear?


  • Bring the slideshow to life by using gifs. They are pictures that move. Ex. fire burning, fish swimming.
  • Add a funny video.
  • Play an interactive game.

It’s time to put an end to the boring PowerPoint. Get out there and make your next presentation great!

I love to make slideshows!  If you struggling with your next presentation, I will be glad to help you. Contact us today to schedule your no-obligation complimentary introductory session today with Lisa, Power Is Within Coaching.

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Opportunities Knocking, Are You to Busy to Hear It?


Do you believe your intentions get answered? I do, just not in the way you think they do.

I am going to share with you a story that will have you believing in the power of your intentions that you put out in the universe.

The News.

It was the beginning of the year 2010, we received an official letter in the mail that my husband was being furloughed. He had just gotten recalled two years ago from a five-year layoff. Now, here we go again. As you can imagine, it was devastating news.

The Opportunity.

A few days later he shows up for work and takes his seat in the cockpit. The captain said to him “Did you see who we have the honor of flying today?” “No, who?” he replied. He didn’t have to answer, he turned around and there he was the CEO of his company. He immediately gets up, and tells the captain “I will be right back, I have something I need to do”.

The opportunity was knocking. He walks up to him. He introduces himself as one of the pilots being furloughed. He explained how it was going to be a hardship for his family since he was still recovering from the last layoff. He offered him to ride up in the jump seat. He declined, stating he had a lot of work to do. Fifteen minutes into the flight he hears a knock on the door. He turns around and there he was Mr. CEO. He stated he couldn’t get any work done after talking to him. My husband with a big smile on his face tells him to “Have a seat.” He listened sympathetically to his story. As he left he said he would see what he can do.

The Miracle.

We didn’t think anything would happen. It felt good to be heard, it gave us hope. A week later we receive another letter, this time with better news…Furloughs were canceled!

It was truly a miracle. Why do we ever doubt that miracles can happen?  My husband could have easily said, “I don’t want to talk to him, he is not going to do anything.” How many times in your life have you felt that way? What you do doesn’t matter. Thinking you can never make a difference.

We think a genie is going to appear out of a puff of smoke and say “Here you go, here is your miracle” and hand it to you on a silver plate. Your intentions are being answered all the time and you are too busy to see them. You spend so much time on your phone, social media and your crazy schedule, you miss all the great opportunities showing up daily in our lives. Step back from the busyness. Put the phones down. Relax. Open your eyes and there it will be your miracle.

Your intentions are answered in the opportunities presented to you. It is up to you to see them and act on them. Never let an opportunity go wasted. If one is not presented to you, make your own!

Are you ready to step away from the busy? I would love to help! Contact us today to schedule a no-obligation complimentary introductory consultation with Lisa, Power Is Within Coaching.

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Steps for Introverts to Find Their Power Within

Welcome to the Land of Oz!

There is no place like home. There is no place like home. There is no place like home. If this is what you say to yourself when you are at a networking event with a room full of strangers; hello fellow introvert! I feel your pain!

What Dorothy felt when first landing in the land of Oz is how it feels to be an introvert in the business world. People stare at you and wonder what you are even doing here. Sometimes you wonder that yourself. The self-doubt starts showing up.


You want to run away like Dorothy because you feel misunderstood. Running away is not the answer. When you run away from situations you will never learn to appreciate all the qualities you do have.

All because we don’t enjoy making small talk and being in big crowds doesn’t mean we don’t like people. Introverts love people! Just not in big crowds. We prefer to get to know you as a person with meaningful conversations one to one in a quiet setting. Crowds exhaust us. We gain energy from being alone. Yes, we are okay being alone. Those are hard things to understand if you are not an introvert.


Watching us nervously speak in front of groups makes you feel very uncomfortable. Think of how we are feeling inside! Stepping out of comfort zone feels like for us getting swept away in a tornado. We love helping people so we get out there and we do it. We realize our strengths are not in our showmanship but in our listening skills. We go, you talk, we listen.

It can be hard to follow your passions in life because it involves stepping way out of your level of comfort. You love being an entrepreneur and helping people with your skills. You don’t love all the marketing because it involves putting yourself out there.

Glinda appears.

She asked, “Are you an extrovert or an introvert”. Umm, Introvert. “You are going to need these shoes!” The journey through life as an entrepreneur is very challenging. You will learn from the people and situations you come across. These encounters will turn into opportunities to learn who you are and what your capabilities are. It takes a lot of energy to stay on the path, and the diversions of the world are strong. You need to gain momentum to keep going. That’s when you will look down and see you are wearing these shoes and keep going.

She points you in the right direction. You start to follow the yellow brick road to your true self, your rainbow.

You first encounter a Scarecrow.

You may have felt like him, minus the straw. Owning a business is scary, especially if you are an introvert. Not having a brain, he seeks advice from others. Thinking they know more about their business than him. Even though they were wonderful ideas, if you don’t connect with them in your head and heart, they won’t work for you. Maybe you are like him and feel stuck at a job you don’t like. You don’t think you would ever feel smart enough to live your dream life and make a difference in the world. You can’t just leave a secure job with a steady paycheck for a dream or can you?

Off you go! Looking for a brain to gain the knowledge and confidence to make these decisions.

Then you meet the Tin Man.

The tin man is looking for a heart. he works day in and day out with no passion. He turns rusty from not taking care of himself. A lot of introverts are people pleasers. He puts other people’s needs first and not his own. He has a mission to change the world, but doesn’t think anyone will pay him to do it or will they?

Off you go! Looking for a heart to live your passion.

Maybe you’ve walked the path of the Cowardly Lion.

He can’t scare anymore because he has so many of his own insecurities and fears. He puts limits on himself. He is afraid of standing out and being noticed or making the wrong decisions. What if his business failed? What would people think of him then? You may fear that you will never make any money doing what you love, no one is ever going to hire you or will they?

Off you go! Looking for the courage to be your true self.

Off they go! They proceeded down the yellow brick road looking for their confidence, knowledge, passion, and courage.

Wicked Witch appears

All is going well with your journey until a wicked witch come into the picture. She is filled with rage, “I will turn back if I were you!”. It can be a colleague or a supervisor or even a loved one giving you resistance. She leads you to a poppy field, the self-medication of our doubts and fears. You slip into your old ways of being because forward motion simply takes too much effort. Our paths are covered with seductive poppies that seem like quick fixes, but in reality, they are numbing our creativity and dulling our drive. She wants to derail the journey by making us go to the unconscious sleep and give up on our dreams. Then the flying monkeys appeared. They don’t want us to wake up. They want to chase us back to the poppy fields. They want to stop us from moving forward. It’s when you finally wake up and envision a life greater than yourself is when we can create the momentum to continue on your journey.

Your why

Didn’t you find it amazing when Dorothy needed to be rescued from the wicked witch, they all overcame their fears and self-doubts? They did it because they had a strong passion to rescue her, their WHY. Hiring a Coach helped me change the direction of my business and my life. I was so amazed by all the changes, that I decided I wanted to become a Coach to help others. Until I saw how much it cost. I thought it was never going to happen. I had a really strong passion, my why, to do it and I wasn’t going to let money get in the way. I came up with a plan. This is how much it’s going to cost, this is what I need to do to get there. I went out and did it. Was it easy? No. I did because I had a strong why. When you are passionate about something, all your fears and self-doubts go away and you figure out how to make it happen. What is your why?

The Wizard

After they successfully rescued Dorothy, it gave them all the momentum they needed to make it to the Emerald City, to meet the great Wizard of Oz. They made it to the one person with all the answers. Except they were met by a fake wizard. He tells them “I don’t have the answers!” To the Scarecrow, “There are universities to gain knowledge; if you believe you are smart, you will be.” To the Tin Man, “If you want a heart, do good deeds, it’s not how much you love, it’s how much you are loved by others”. To the Cowardly Lion, “You’re confusing courage with wisdom. With continuous success’s you will gain confidence thereby giving you courage.”

Power is Within

You always had the power, my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself. No one knows you better than you! No one person besides yourself has the answer to your life. Get out there, keep growing, learning and listening. Then take that knowledge and apply it to your life the way it works best for you!

That is when you truly find your rainbow!

As your Coach, I will empower you to:

Be grateful for all the qualities you do have that you can offer. Be YOU. You can do things your way and what feels comfortable to you.

Don’t just exist in life. Truly live your life to the fullest potential. Follow your passions and don’t let anything stop you. Remember when you are passionate about something, you will find a way and your fears will magically disappear.

Understand that no one thing outside of yourself is going to give you the answer that is right for you. You have all the answers you need to embrace who you are and then accept yourself fully and celebrate your unique gifts.

Most importantly, I will help you see your own strengths and find your inner power. Contact us today to schedule a no-obligation complimentary introductory session with Lisa, Power is Within Coaching