Believe It or Not..the truth about your Beliefs

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Believe It or Not..the truth about your Beliefs

You are entitled to believe whatever you want to believe…as others can believe whatever they want also. You can shout them from the rooftops, and so can they.

Your beliefs form between the ages of 0-7. Your primary caregivers mainly shape them. Your ideas about society, money, religion are all developed at this young age.

Since your beliefs form at a very young age is why they are hard to change. They can be changed, but it isn’t easy. It sure isn’t going to happen overnight. I know for sure it’s not going to happen instantly after someone trying to impose their beliefs on you.

What is the reason you want everyone to believe what you do? Is it for your self-worth? Or do you not like being told you are wrong? Think about it.

To think you can change someone else’s thoughts and beliefs is not going to happen. Sorry, it’s not. Being aware of this will save yourself a lot of mental anguish. A person’s belief makes up who they are. That is why they are strong, as you can see out on any social media platform, especially during an election or a crisis.

When you want others to believe what you do, it’s never about the person and their beliefs. It’s always about you. You can’t control other people and what they think, say, or do. The only person you can control is YOU.

No beliefs are right or wrong. It’s either you agree or don’t agree. If you feel the need to impose your view on others; Stop, take a breath. Ask yourself is this worth the fight, knowing you are not going to win. Be kind. Be respectful. Acknowledge that we agree to disagree. Then I believe everyone will live happily ever after. Believe It or Not.

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To-Do or Not To Do…Not feeling productive; this is why.

How many times have you said to yourself? “I will do it when I have the time.” Now you have the time, and you are still not accomplishing what you said you would. What is up with that?

It is the right time to ask yourself, “Did I ever want to do it?” Saying it made you feel good because deep down, you knew you would never make time for it. We always make time for the things we want to do. Be honest in your answer. If you come to the realization, yes, I will never do it. It’s time to let it go. Stop having it take up so much of your mental energy, worrying about it and beating yourself up over not doing it.

If you decided yes, I do want to do this. The fact that it’s not getting done can be due to something we learned in Health Class. Do you remember Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs?

As humans, we all have the same needs. First is your basic Physiological needs; food, water, air, shelter, sleep, etc.

When those needs get met, you can move up a step to Safety. Once you are feeling safe, then you can explore your Social needs. You keep going up past Esteem until you finally reach the top, which is Self-Actualisation.

You have to realize you can’t move up a step until the current needs at your level get met. If you are not feeling safe, you will remain at the Safety level until you do. With everything going on in the world right now, this is where a lot of us are. Except, If you are a billionaire living with your family on a private island, you are crushing your goals. Everyone else, not so much.

As you can see, it has absolutely nothing personally to do with you. It’s all in the human design. You can’t control if you get the virus, lose your job, or if you can never find toilet paper.

It is time to STOP beating yourself up for not making most of this supposedly all this FREE time you have. It is more helpful to use this FREE time to stay Present & Grateful.

  • I am healthy TODAY.
  • I have a job TODAY.
  • I have plenty of TP TODAY.
  • I am grateful for having all my basic needs. Maybe too much of the comfort food. Is it only me?
  • I am grateful I got through today! The sun will rise tomorrow, and I will get through another day.

A good way to be productive right now is to:

  • Be gentle to yourself.
  • Be kind to yourself.
  • Take care of yourself.
  • BE ALIVE!!

Do this all without feeling guilty of not being productive. Actually, this sounds like an extremely productive day to me!

Still needing a little guidance on practicing self-care without the guilt, you can download the FREE Productivity Guide for Empaths

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Empaths, Introverts, and Highly Sensitive People Oh My!…Simple ways to tell the difference.

It’s hard to tell an Empath, Introvert, and a Highly Sensitive Person apart because they all have similar traits. What makes it even more tricky is that you may be all three, which makes it more confusing. To try to make you better understand each trait, here is a simple explanation and their common characteristics.

Empaths – Feels others emotions.

An Empath is a highly intuitive individual who senses what people around them are feeling and thinking. They often absorb other people’s emotions and not being able to distinguish their feelings from others.

Traits of an Empath:

  • Feel other people’s emotions and energy.
  • Highly intuitive.
  • Trouble setting boundaries.
  • Put others before themselves.
  • People pleasers.
  • Describe yourself as shy and introverted.
  • Very sensitive.
  • Felt like you never fit in.
  • Overwhelmed in large crowds.
  • Need alone time to recharge.
  • Loves nature.
  • Afraid of intimate relationships.
  • Prefer one to one meetings over large groups.
  • Overwhelmed with multitasking.
  • High reaction to caffeine and medications.
  • Avoids conflicts and arguments.
  • Low tolerance for pain.
  • They like peace and quiet.
  • Sensitive to uncomfortable clothing.
  • Trouble watching violence on TV and movies.
  • Tend to attract toxic people in their lives.
  • Emotional eater.

Highly Sensitive Person – Very sensitive to outside stimuli.

A highly sensitive person is someone who experiences acute physical, mental or emotional response to stimuli. They feel things far more strongly than others do.

Traits of a Highly Sensitive Person:

  • Often described as too sensitive.
  • Overwhelmed when they have a lot to do.
  • Freezes when being observed by others,
  • Loves the arts.
  • Difficult time letting go of negative thoughts and emotions.
  • Often feels anxious and tense.
  • Beats self up when falls short of expectations.
  • Afraid of rejection.
  • Compares self with others.
  • Worries about what others think.
  • Take things personally.
  • Hard time accepting critical feedback.
  • Highly sensitive to smells.
  • Sensitive to itchy clothing.
  • Doesn’t like noisy enviroments.

Introverts – Find their energy form within.

Introverts are people who are drained quickly in social situations. They need time alone in order to recharge their energy. They get energy from within not from other people.

Traits of an Introvert:

  • Gets energy from being alone.
  • Prefer time to themselves.
  • Drained in social interactions.
  • Prefer working alone.
  • Has a close circle of friends.
  • Introspective and curious.
  • Zone out a lot.
  • Prefer writing over talking.

Empaths and HSP’s can be either introverted and extroverted. 70% are introverted. The majority of Empaths are also Highly Sensitive, but not all.

Their is a difference between empaths and an empathetic person. An empathatic person is when your heart goes out to someone else. Empaths feels another persons emotions in their own body.

Were you able to discover who you are? You can be only one or all. It is important to understand why you are the way you are and communicate it to others. When you are aware you can learn strategies to take care of yourself for you to experience less overwhelm and stress in your life.

If you are looking for more clarity on these traits feel free to connect with me anytime at

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This is Your Life…as an Empath

As an empath, you feel different than everyone else. That is because you are! That is a good thing! Did you ever think that something is wrong, and you just can’t put your finger on what it is? I know I did. I also know it’s not easy to be different. As humans, we have a strong sense of belonging to fit in and be accepted by others. In the eagerness to belong, you lose your identity as a person. You are constantly adapting to what other people needed you to be for them. This leads you to be a people pleaser, not having healthy boundaries, and attracting toxic people in your life. It’s hard for empaths to set boundaries. We don’t want to upset other people by saying no to them. Then we end up spending our days doing for others and no time to do anything we enjoy doing. Can you relate?

You also feel the most comfortable being at home. You probably enjoyed being a stay-at-home Mom. Empaths enjoy caring for others more than making lots of money in the corporate world. To others, that looks like laziness, not being “successful,” or you’re a person with no ambitions or goals. In today’s society, it’s about the hustle and pushing yourself until exhaustion. People don’t understand why you are not caught up in all the crazy like they are!

Every time you try to conform to society’s standards it leaves you feeling overwhelmed and stressed. If you decide to become a business owner, as I did, it only makes it worse. You may find it difficult to be productive, network or market yourself. For me, I took every class, spent lots of money and had tons of training looking for the answer. I chased every bright light out there!

That is life as an empath before you are aware you are one. You are not a problem to fix. Empaths not only feel their emotions, they embed the feelings of others. Once you are aware, you can create systems to protect your emotional and physical well being.

Let others take responsibility for their feelings. In reality, you want to fix them to make yourself feel better. You don’t want them to be angry, because then you will feel upset and angry. You are not responsible for others’ feelings. Let them react any way they want to without trying to fix it.

Set healthy boundaries. You don’t want to say ‘NO’ because they will be upset with you. If they are upset, then you feel upset, You don’t want to feel bad, then you give in to make everyone else happy but yourself. You have the right to say no to anything you don’t want to do. You have to take responsibility for making your happiness. People can’t take advantage of you if you don’t let them.

Your definition of success is the only one that matters. If people want to hustle 24×7 and they think your lazy if you’re not pushing yourself harder has nothing to do with you. It’s all about them. They don’t understand you have a different style and pace then you do, and that’s fine. Let them be who they are, and never feel guilty of being who you are.

Be yourself. You have a choice, you can conform to be like everyone else in society and feel miserable, or you can accept who you are and feel happy. The option is yours.

Being an empath can be challenging at times. It is also a wonderful gift. Once you accept and appreciate this gift, you can then create the joyous life you deserve.

I’m always here for you! Don’t hesitate to reach out to me at