How to Overcome the Struggles of Being an Introverted, Empath, or Highly Sensitive Business Owner

Lisa Bianco

How to Overcome the Struggles of Being an Introverted, Empath, or Highly Sensitive Business Owner

It’s hard enough to be a business owner, but it can be even more complicated when you identify yourself as an introvert, empath, or highly sensitive person.

As identifying as all the above. Lucky me! I became aware of the struggles very quickly. I knew I needed to overcome them if I wanted to make it as a business owner.

Here are some of the things I struggled with and overcame. I hope this helps you overcome them too.

Be Yourself!

Accept this is who you are. You might get nervous and ramble on and then think, I can’t believe I said that. I know I would be embarrassed afterwards for days. It was ridiculous. Realize you’re only you, and no one is perfect. At least you spoke up!
Evaluate what you could do better for the next time. Maybe have some answers to common questions prepared ahead of time, then let it go. Playing the scenario over in your head is not helpful.

Be Productive Your Way!

You might not have the energy as others do as we take on everyone else’s energy all day long. You might feel lazy when you are not productive as others are. You are not lazy! It’s essential to take care of yourself. It’s acceptable to rest and nap when you need to. Taking time for yourself will give you the energy you need to get things done on your own time.

When you know you will have a busy day, it will be best to limit your time with people that drain your energy.

Set Strong Boundaries Around your Time!

People will sense you are a people pleaser. They will expect you to work for free. Since you are doing what you love, you would be happy to do it for free. Be careful with this. When you are constantly working for free, you will not have time for your paying clients, and you will end up with a lot of resentment. You might feel you have to work for free when you are new because you need to build confidence in your work. If you have a business, you know what you are doing, even if you are new. If you keep doing this, you will not have a business.

Practice the pause. Reply by saying, “Let me think about it.” Think about it. Then give your answer.

As givers, it is best to limit your pro bono work for an organization or passionate cause.

Marketing Your Way!

Business is all about building relationships. That requires meeting with people and sharing what you do—having smaller gatherings or one-to-one meetings might work best for you since you get into deeper conversations instead of annoying small talk. You might hate to say no to an invitation to a large gathering, but if you go, you start to feel overwhelmed that you end up talking to nobody.

Develop your marketing strategy around what you do naturally. Meeting people at book clubs, yoga, or where you already show up is marketing too.

Don’t Be Attached to the Outcome.

If you are afraid of rejection from a potential client, it may cause you not to ask for the business. Focus on what you offer and what they will receive by working with you. Offer it with all your heart, and if they don’t say yes, it’s not to be. You have no control over their answer. You only can control yourself. If they say no, it’s not about you.
Always come from a place of giving and serving with your heart without worrying about the outcome.

When you are aware of your struggles, you will know strategies to use before you encounter them. Being prepared will lead you to experience less overwhelm and stress in your business.

If you are looking for a coach that will understand your unique gifts, I would be honored to help navigate your business as yourself.

I invite you to a complimentary session to discuss how together we can create a business you love.

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