The Secret to Staying Organized!

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The Secret to Staying Organized!

The secret to staying organized is discovering your personal organizing style, then creating systems to fit that style. We all have different personalities, we also have a different personality style when it comes to organizing. It’s a lot easier when the system fits you, instead of you changing to fit the system. A lot of the popular books out there have a one size fits all approach. The methods that work for them may or may not work for you. That could be why your past attempts to become organized didn’t work. It is not you! You were not using a system that fits with who you are and your lifestyle.

Here are the different organizing styles and ideas of how to organize to that style. You may have only one or a couple of different styles.

Organizing Styles


You are a creative and visual learner.  You need visual reminders to complete your tasks. If it’s not left out, you will forget about it. You usually have piles of papers on your desk. In those piles, if you are able to find what you want, you are organized. If you can’t, it would help if you develop a system. Things tend to get messy when you are in the creative process of brainstorming. Having a clear space helps to implement those ideas effectively. If too much is left out, clutter will form and will be hard for you to stay focused on your ideas and find what you need to get the job done.

The systems that work well for visuals are a stand-alone file holder system on your desk, Pendaflex PileSmart Project Sorter, colorful and clear containers, and paper planners. The systems that don’t work well for you would be using filing cabinets. Filing cabinets should only be used as storage for items you don’t need currently.

Once systems are developed, it will only take a few minutes at the end of the day to put things back where they belong. It is important to set aside time each day to maintain your space.

Crystal Clear

You have a clear organized mind which comes from clear surfaces. You don’t feel in control when there is clutter. You hide things from view. but the spaces where you hide the items are not organized, they are usually overstuffed.

The systems that work well for crystal clears are labeled files in file cabinets, clear storage containers in closets and computerized planners.

Pack Rat

You like being surrounded by an abundance of items because it makes you feel secure. You are emotionally attached to your items and have a hard time letting go because you think you might need it someday.

The systems that work well with pack rats are glass containers, memory boxes, photo books or memory blankets. You have a hard time letting go because of the feelings you attach to your items. If the items are neatly displayed it will cut down on the clutter. A good idea would be to take pictures of the items and make photo books before parting with them.


You feel good about only having your basic essentials. Having too much stuff causes you to feel out of control. You are not emotionally attached to their items.

The systems that work well for minimalists are computerized systems, workflows, and apps.

You need to be careful not to throw important items away in your quest to have the least amount of items possible.


You are in the middle of a life transition or handling a crisis. You are feeling overwhelmed with systems and structure right now.

The systems that work well would be anything that is easy, such as open containers, and hooks.

Those are all the basic styles. Were you able to figure out your own unique organizing personality?

All my sessions start with an in-depth consultation to get to know you and what style works best for you. We would be happy to assist you any way we can. Contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation with Power Is Within today!

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