The 5 Tips for Creating a Great PowerPoint Presentation

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The 5 Tips for Creating a Great PowerPoint Presentation

Did you ever wonder why PowerPoint presentations get a bad rap?

They are boring! Not all, but most are. Admit it you’ve seen a few.

Here’s the big problem, most presenters use them as cue cards. Big wide yawn. The audience is attending your presentation to hear and see you present and learn something, not watch you read your presentation. They can read a book at home for that.

You struggle with the question “Should I even do a slide-show presentation?” If you want the audience to “get it”, the answer is yes. You learn from either hearing, seeing and doing, By listening to your presentation, seeing a visual slideshow and writing down the information, they will walk away from your presentation with the information inspired to take action. By not doing a slideshow you are taking a chance of the audience not “getting it.”

Here are 5 tips to make a great presentation that will leave your audience wanting more.


Make it visual. This is where you will get the visual learners attention. You can’t remember every word being said, but you will remember the pictures related to the point you were making.


  • Big bright pictures that fill the slide work best. Make a separate slide for each image if necessary. Chopped up pictures are not very pleasing to the eye.
  • Pictures of real people are better than using clip art.
  • Use pictures that are relevant to the audience you are presenting to. Personal pictures work great. You want to form commonality with the audience.


Try to use very little words as possible. Put the text in the handout, not in the slideshow.


  • Have the text appear as you are talking about it. Better yet let a picture tell the story instead of words.
  • Keywords work better than using whole sentences.
  • Make sure the fonts fit the subject being discussed.
  • Don’t use all CAPS in a script font.
  • Make the text large enough so the back of the room can see. No less than the font size of 30.
  • Don’t use Comic Sans font. It has a bad reputation, no one will take you seriously.


Avoid clutter on your slides. The audiences attention span is around 10 seconds. You don’t want them to be distracted. You want them paying attention to you and what you are saying.


  • Leave the logo and contact information on the handouts.


Be aware of the length of the presentation. You don’t want to be run out of time and then have to fast forward thru the slides.


  • Have the appropriate number of slides for the time allotted.


Make it fun. Put yourself in the audience. What would you want to see and hear?


  • Bring the slideshow to life by using gifs. They are pictures that move. Ex. fire burning, fish swimming.
  • Add a funny video.
  • Play an interactive game.

It’s time to put an end to the boring PowerPoint. Get out there and make your next presentation great!

I love to make slideshows!  If you struggling with your next presentation, I will be glad to help you. Contact us today to schedule your no-obligation complimentary introductory session today with Lisa, Power Is Within Coaching.

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