Opportunities Knocking, Are You to Busy to Hear It?

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Opportunities Knocking, Are You to Busy to Hear It?


Do you believe your intentions get answered? I do, just not in the way you think they do.

I am going to share with you a story that will have you believing in the power of your intentions that you put out in the universe.

The News.

It was the beginning of the year 2010, we received an official letter in the mail that my husband was being furloughed. He had just gotten recalled two years ago from a five-year layoff. Now, here we go again. As you can imagine, it was devastating news.

The Opportunity.

A few days later he shows up for work and takes his seat in the cockpit. The captain said to him “Did you see who we have the honor of flying today?” “No, who?” he replied. He didn’t have to answer, he turned around and there he was the CEO of his company. He immediately gets up, and tells the captain “I will be right back, I have something I need to do”.

The opportunity was knocking. He walks up to him. He introduces himself as one of the pilots being furloughed. He explained how it was going to be a hardship for his family since he was still recovering from the last layoff. He offered him to ride up in the jump seat. He declined, stating he had a lot of work to do. Fifteen minutes into the flight he hears a knock on the door. He turns around and there he was Mr. CEO. He stated he couldn’t get any work done after talking to him. My husband with a big smile on his face tells him to “Have a seat.” He listened sympathetically to his story. As he left he said he would see what he can do.

The Miracle.

We didn’t think anything would happen. It felt good to be heard, it gave us hope. A week later we receive another letter, this time with better news…Furloughs were canceled!

It was truly a miracle. Why do we ever doubt that miracles can happen?  My husband could have easily said, “I don’t want to talk to him, he is not going to do anything.” How many times in your life have you felt that way? What you do doesn’t matter. Thinking you can never make a difference.

We think a genie is going to appear out of a puff of smoke and say “Here you go, here is your miracle” and hand it to you on a silver plate. Your intentions are being answered all the time and you are too busy to see them. You spend so much time on your phone, social media and your crazy schedule, you miss all the great opportunities showing up daily in our lives. Step back from the busyness. Put the phones down. Relax. Open your eyes and there it will be your miracle.

Your intentions are answered in the opportunities presented to you. It is up to you to see them and act on them. Never let an opportunity go wasted. If one is not presented to you, make your own!

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